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Cinematic Wedding Film

5 - 7 minute film 

We produce and craft a beautiful and authentic wedding film, a film that tells the story of your day in a combination with moving music. The film is just not for you, but also for your children and your grandchildren. The film has to be timeless.

€1750,- including tax

Dearra / Serge

Dearra / Serge

Keetie / Thijs

Keetie / Thijs


Documentary Film

always in combination of cinematic wedding film

This option goes along with the Cinematic Wedding Film. A slightly longer film to enjoy with family and friends, which will bring you closer to your special day. This also brings for you the option to give us your favorite music to edit in the film. For more information, please contact us.  

€2750,- including tax


Same-day edit 


For those of you who may not be familiar with, a same-day edit (or SDE for short) is a cinematic mini-documentary that tells the story of the wedding day as it unfolds from the bride and groom's perspective. It includes footage from all of the intimate moments of your event, including the pre-ceremony preparations, ceremony, post-ceremony and first dance.

Unlike a standard wedding trailer, it's screened to all of the guests during the reception. The editing process is done on-site, usually in just a few hours. "A same-day edit is a great way to 'wow' guests who were unable to attend the ceremony portion of the day. People are always in disbelief after seeing one of our same-day edits — they can't believe how something so amazing was completed in such a short time."

€750,- including tax